Welcome to your Patient Travel website

Diagnosing and treating any medical condition can be a very anxious and confusing time for you and your family.  Investigations and treatment can often mean travel to mainland hospitals.  The uncertainty this presents can leave you with lots of questions.

The information contained in this site is aimed to be helpful to anyone using the health services in the Western Isles, answering some of the common questions people have when they make a journey for diagnosis or ongoing treatment.

Although originally written at the request of people in the Western Isles who have experienced cancer, and written with cancer in mind, the information is of use to anyone involved in patient travel within the Western Isles.



 If you need to make urgent travel arrangements when the Patient Travel Office is closed, please contact the A&E Department at Western Isles Hospital,  tel. 01851 704704.




Original photo by kind courtesy of Sandie MacIver



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