What is NHS24?

NHS 24 is a telephone health advice and information service. It offers a confidential, 24-hour a day nurse consultation service for the cost of a local phone call.

It enables people to talk directly to highly qualified and experienced nurse advisors who provide advice and information on health and health services.

What will the NHS24 Nurse Advisor do?

The nurse advisor will ask you about your symptoms. They will make an assessment and tell you what you should do next. The nurse advisor might suggest that you treat yourself at home, visit a chemist, visit a doctor, or go to an accident and emergency unit.

Will NHS24 get me an ambulance if I need one?

You should dial 999 if someone is seriously ill, for example, if they have severe bleeding or severe chest pain, or if they have collapsed.

However, NSH 24 has direct links with the Scottish Ambulance Service and, in appropriate situations, can arrange for an ambulance to get you to hospital.

What is the difference between NHS24’s daytime and night-time services?

During the day: If you call NHS 24 when your GP practice is open, you will receive a full nurse consultation. You may then be told to contact your GP for further assessment. NHS 24 will not make an appointment for you or tell you who you will see or talk to at your general practice.

At night: When your GP practice is closed and you need urgent medical advice, one of the NHS 24 nurse advisors will assess your symptoms. If your GP practice is a member of a GP out-of-hours service linked with NHS 24, and you need to see a doctor, the nurse advisor will arrange this for you. If your GP practice is not a member of a GP out-of-hours service that is linked to NHS 24, the nurse advisor will ask you to contact your own GP out-of-hours service at the end of the consultation.

Is NHS24 a confidential service?

All calls to NHS 24 are confidential and they follow the same regulations regarding patient confidentiality as all other parts of the NHS.

To provide consistent care, relevant patient information may be passed to other parts of the NHS. When you call NHS 24, they will ask you to agree to your information being shared. They record all the calls made to them for patient safety and to improve services.

If I am just not sure what to do, can I call NHS24?

NHS 24 nurse advisors are experienced and fully qualified nurses. You can contact them at any time of the day or night, and they will be able to talk to you about your health problem. NHS 24 health information advisors will be able to give you information about all sorts of health issues and direct you to other organisations and sources of advice.

How do I contact NHS24?

By dialing 08454 24 24 24.

Calls are charged at the local rate.

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